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What Makes a Good Exercise Mat for CrossFit?

Posted by admin on Jan 7th 2013

Choose the right foam floor mat for your Crossfit workout.

CrossFit is sweeping the nation, leading many to wonder how to best equip their gym or home workout area with exercise mats and flooring for their CrossFit activities. We Sell Mats’ EVA foam flooring is the ideal solution to your CrossFit mats needs, because the durability, comfort, and customizability of EVA foam exercise flooring makes it perfect for CrossFit’s range of workout types.

CrossFit flooring must be able to withstand heavy cardio workouts as well as provide support for weightlifting. We Sell Mats’ EVA foam flooring is able to serve both purposes; its cushioning is comfortable for exercise while simultaneously protecting the floor underneath from barbells and other weights. EVA foam CrossFit mats help to prevent slipping and injury from exercising while minimizing the noise that can come from weights machines.

CrossFit mats from We Sell Mats can be easily installed, taken apart, transported and stored, making them ideal for a workout plan that relies on a wide variety of activities. Our mats interlock, so the EVA foam configuration can be customized for the gym floor plan you desire or can even be easily transported for competitions. EVA CrossFit mats are also water and chemical resistant so they can be easily cleaned, a definite plus in a sweaty gym environment.

EVA foam is a durable and resilient material, which means that We Sell Mats’ CrossFit mats will withstand CrossFit exercises with ease. The material is made to last, so it won’t wear out even after long hours of hard work in the gym. Our CrossFit mats can also be stored in garages or attics without fear of cracking, breaking, or warping. EVA foam exercise flooring can outlast extreme activities and extreme conditions.

We’re confident that We Sell Mats has the best products for CrossFit flooring. EVA foam floors are ideal for cardiovascular exercise as well as muscle-building activities; they provide the perfect amount of cushioning for both types of CrossFit exercises. We Sell Mats’ CrossFit mats are great for gyms and workout areas because they can be customized to fit the space you desire. When designing your CrossFit space, make the smart choice and install EVA foam exercise flooring for the right combination of cushioning, resilience, and usability.

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