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Weight Loss Floor Exercises

Posted by admin on Jan 17th 2013

So, you’ve made your weight loss resolutions and you’ve ordered your exercise mats from (you did do that, right?) and you’re chomping at the bit to start those weight loss floor exercises, but you’re still trying to figure out exactly which exercises are going to give you the most return on your time and energy. Well, only you can decide that, but here are some ideas to get you started…

IMPORTANT: You should always consult your physician prior to starting any new exercise routine.

Push-ups: there’s a reason that push-ups are among the most common weight loss floor exercises in the world. They’re a great way to burn fat and build upper-body strength. There are also tons of ways to do push-ups differently so that they’re a little easier on you, and you can still do just as many sets. Then after a little while, you can move on to the more challenging variations.

Bicycle crunches: this can be a fairly intense weight loss floor exercise, but it doesn’t require any extra equipment, and it’s great for your abs. Lay flat on your back, put your hands behind your head, and bring your right knee toward your chest. Lift your shoulders off the ground, (careful not to pull on your neck) and touch your left elbow to your knee. Now switch to your left knee and your right elbow. There’s spine and hip movement involved, so stay loose. Your lower body should be making a motion similar to what it looks like when you’re riding a bike. The motion doesn’t have to be fast for it to be effective. Just do it until you feel the burn in your abs. If you’re a beginner, you can start with short sessions and gradually increase the amount of time you spend on it from there.

Squats: these are a highly-versatile and effective weight loss floor exercise, and they can be great for you. You can just stick to average, everyday squats, which are fine, but you can also add weights to increase the challenge. Just be careful when you do these, as they’ve been known to exacerbate back injuries, and even cause them if they’re done inappropriately, or you have a family history of back injuries. Just take care of yourself, and this will be one of the most important lower-body exercises in your routine.

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