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Tumbling Mats that Grow

Wouldn't it be nice if all your child's toys grew with them? Sure, a new iteration of a single toy gets trotted out to keep their interest as they get older, but what about just a single play thing that can actually take your child's growth and new needs but still be the same? That's our tumbling mats. They're perfect for little tumblers, but can work just as well for kids with advanced skills and routines that need to be practiced. 

Tumbling mats are essential for all levels of gymnastics involvement, and we're here to prove it. Take your toddler in his tumbling class. He comes home from a class and still wants to keep rolling and tumbling. Is the carpet in the family room the safest place for him? Truth be told, it's not. While it might feel nice and soft, it doesn't provide the kind of padding a tumbling mat does. Carpet isn't structured for balance, either. When he tries that hand stand or head stand, it's still going to hurt like the dickens when he falls. Our tumbling mats are made of durable, supportive materials to help him balance while still providing essential cushioning when he falls.

The best place for your older gymnast who wants to continue practicing when she gets home is on the same, thick, supportive tumbling mats that she used as a child. And the nice thing about our mats is that you can connect several together if the routine and space she requires demand it. But she'll still need that old mat to protect her and make sure she can practice safely as long as she wants.

Most toys break easily, but our tumbling mats last for years. That doesn't mean they sit in the living room forever; they fold up easily for storage when they're not in use and are easily cleaned to keep them in top shape for years to come. You can't say that about much else in a child's life!  Why not give your child a gift that will encourage an active lifestyle, provide hours of imaginative fun, and help her develop skills that will keep her in the gymnastics game for as long as she wants? Tumbling mats are the way to go when you're in the market for a sturdy, safe activity that can last for years.

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