Tumbling Mats for the Holidays

Tumbling Mats for the Holidays

Posted by admin on Nov 4th 2015

The best holiday present for your kids or grandkids is one that doesn’t end up stuffed in a corner a week into January, so to help you choose the best gift, one that will be used for years to come, we’d like to take you on a little excursion through our best-selling tumbling and gymnastics mats.

Keeping kids active is hard enough as it is, with video games and computer activities available 24/7, but when they have a bouncy, soft, fun tumbling mat, you’ll be hard pressed to get them to settle down! Our tumbling mats can’t be beat when it comes to fun. Even if your kids aren’t into gymnastics, these mats provide soft, supportive surfaces on which to wrestle, horse-play, build forts on, even practice cool ninja moves. They’re easily folded and stored (the kids can even do it themselves), and they clean up quickly in the event (inevitable?) that spills occur.

If you happen to have a budding gymnast in the family, the tumbling mats are, of course, the way to go. But sometimes space is limited, so take a look at our personal mats. They come in three different sizes, and fold up easily just like the tumbling mats. These are great for smaller spaces or smaller kids, whichever you happen to have.

Going full-gymnast means your very own set of crash pads. These bad boys are super-thick and are perfect for the rough stuff. They come in 4″, 8″, and 12″ inch thicknesses to ensure you get the most protection for your particular activity. The sponge foam core absorbs shock without compromising support and the side handles make the mats easier to carry.

Tumbling and gymnastics mats are probably the only gift you hope will end up on the floor weeks after the holidays. But that’s where they belong: between your active kids and the floor. Call us for shipping information so you can be sure to get your mats in time for the holidays!