Tumbling Mats Can Do Anything!

Tumbling Mats Can Do Anything!

Posted by admin on Jun 23rd 2017

Our tumbling mats fit that definition of the perfect tool: you can use them for multiple purposes. Think about it: would you rather have a screwdriver or a Swiss Army knife? You might think tumbling mats are just for the kids, but even there you’d be limiting the use of our mats. These are just about the most versatile mats we carry and we’d like to show you why.

It’s true, our 4’x6′ tumbling mats are just the ticket for the little guys learning tumbling. They’re the Goldilocks of tumbling mats for little tumblers – not too big, not too small, not too hard, not too squishy…(say it with me…) but juuuust right. You can get them in the 1 1/2” or 2” thickness, whichever you think your child might need. They attach to other mats so the space can grow as your child does. And because they’re covered in a heavy-duty vinyl, you can wipe them down easily to keep them clean. When they’re done being tumbled upon, they fold up for quick and easy storage.

For older students of gymnastics, the larger tumbling mats are more appropriate simply because they offer more length and width. Covered in the same heavy-duty vinyl and held together by competition-quality stitching, these 2” thick mats will absorb all the shock a good landing can deal out. These too, fold for storage and can easily be loaded in the van for use at a studio or competition.

Now the non-gymnastics uses of our tumbling mats should be readily apparent. But in case you haven’t figured it out yet, it is this: big, soft tumbling mats are great under just about any workout. Imagine doing bicycles on your beautiful hardwood floor – ouch. Throw a tumbling mat under you and what do you have? A shock absorbing, supportive surface from which you can pedal your heart out. Pilates are much more comfortable (and that translates into longer workout sessions) on tumbling mats. Even some yoga can be done on the tumbling mats, though the thickness might be a challenge for some standing poses. If you’re just beginning yoga and are spending a lot of time seated or prone, a tumbling mat might be a good choice until you’re ready to venture into the yoga mat world (and we have yoga mats, too!).

Tumbling mats are so versatile, we challenge you to find as many uses for them as you can. Got a unique application of the tumbling mat? We’d love to hear about it!