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Trade Show Booth Flooring for the Win

Posted by admin on Dec 7th 2017

As any trade show marketing guru will tell you, it’s not about you, but (and here’s where we veer off the trodden path a bit) it could be about your trade show booth’s flooring. The truth is, it’s not even really about your product – it’s about your customers. You might have the best product in the world, but if your potential customers can’t see immediately how it’s going to make their lives better, it doesn’t matter. So let’s get them nice and comfortable so you can make your pitch. Ready?

When your first thought at the trade exhibition is how to make your customers comfortable, a little EVA foam flooring goes a long way. Customers generally don’t like to be pandered to (forget the cheap giveaways), but they will appreciate an intentional attempt to make them feel welcome and comfortable. EVA foam flooring for your trade show booth will do that in spades. In an exhibition hall built on hard concrete, finding an oasis of comfort on soft, shock-absorbing foam mats may just be one of the highlights of their experience. And you will have provided that comfort. Not only have you made them feel good physically, you’ve made a positive impression in their minds that you truly are a trustworthy business with whom they can feel comfortable doing business. First point goes to you.

Aside from making your booth’s visitors feel comfortable with EVA foam flooring mats, you’ve also kicked the visual appeal of your booth up a notch. There are few classier flooring systems than hardwood, but you can’t take that with you to the shows. Next best thing? Some faux wood grain EVA foam flooring mats. With 3/8″ to 5/8″ of soft, forgiving, yet supportive foam covered in one of several wood grain styles, the overall appearance of your booth will be much more striking. Once your visitors step on this miraculous flooring, you may have some explaining to do, but if you take advantage of that moment, you can explain that it was important to you that your trade show customers feel comfortable with your booth, your product, and your staff. Very well played.

Make your trade show booth flooring all about the customer, and they’ll begin to trust you and be open to that all-important pitch you’ve been crafting for weeks. Game, set, match.