Trade Show and Tell

Trade Show and Tell

Posted by admin on Sep 9th 2015

Do trade show customers talk about the floors at trade shows? They do if the floor they were standing on was striking in appearance, soft and comfortable to stand on, and made them feel good about the product or service they were looking at. That’s why having some top-of-the-line EVA foam mats under your trade show booth can be a huge boon to your experience at the next trade show!

For visual appeal and physical comfort at your next exhibition, nothing beats our wood grain foam mats. Take a look at our Forest Floor® line of wood grain tiles. These 24” tiles interlock seamlessly to give the appearance of four different wood grains. But when customers step on them, they’re shocked to find a little give, a welcome comfort in the sea of concrete surrounding them. And it goes without saying that the people staffing the booth will feel better longer when they’re marketing from a position of comfort and support. Yours could be the staff that actually feels great by the end of the day, clinching that last sale of the event.

When it comes to portability, our foam mats are the lightest weight and easiest to transport of all the flooring possibilities. Just disconnect the tiles from each other, stack, and toss them in the van for the next show. Did something get spilled on them during the show? Not a problem! Just wipe up the spill with a little water, maybe some mild detergent, and let them air dry. Can’t do that with rolls of commercial carpet! And the mats won’t hold stains the way carpet will, either. If a tile happens to get damaged, all you need to do is order another. It fits right in and you won’t have to spend a fortune on another whole flooring system.

Make your next appearance at the trade show one that people will be talking about for weeks after. Spruce up your booth for pennies on the dollar with our fantastic Forest Floors!