Time to Start Tumbling?

Time to Start Tumbling?

Posted by admin on Apr 29th 2016

If you have a toddler and you’re wondering if it’s time to start group tumbling classes, the answer is absolutely yes! Tumbling is a great way to introduce young kids to an organized, active lifestyle that will motivate them to keep it up way into adulthood. The worst thing to encourage in children is a sedentary lifestyle for all the reasons we know: obesity, chronic disease, and disability. Tumbling starts kids out on the right track with fun, challenging, and developmental activities to encourage that active life they already seem to have!

Tumbling mats at home are a great way to encourage the little ones. Whether they’re used only for practice after tumbling class or just as a safe space to play, the fun colors and squishiness of the mats attract toddlers and kids like magnets. You’ll have a hard time getting them to stop! But don’t worry, they also make great nap time mats if the kids ever do wear out!

You want the safest, highest quality equipment and toys for your kids, and our tumbling mats fit the bill. They’re made with 1 1/2″-2″ of Crosslink Polyethylene foam, which is a fancy way of saying they’re sturdy, supportive, and won’t wear out. Topping it off is a heavy-duty vinyl covering with outstanding stitching so your seams and edges won’t come loose or fray. And to make sure they last as long as your child needs them, they have hook and loop fasteners on the edges so you can connect two or more together. This is especially helpful as the tumblers become young gymnasts with more demanding routines and need for space.

The tumbling mats all fold up for easy storage, too, so they don’t have to become a permanent fixture wherever you put them. They’re lightweight enough that even the littlest tumblers can fold them up and put them away or get them out and set them up on their own. And heaven forbid a spill should occur, they’re easily wiped down and cleaned. These mats are an investment you’ll never regret making.

Be the hero in your child’s eyes when you present them with their very own tumbling mat. They’ll be happy to play and grateful for years to come that you encouraged their love of movement and activity.