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Time to Bring the Outdoor Play Area Inside!

Time to Bring the Outdoor Play Area Inside!

Posted by admin on Oct 2nd 2015

That awesome space you made outdoors on the patio this summer for the little ones to play in might be starting to get a little chilly. But if you made it with EVA foam mats, you can just clean it off and bring it inside!

That’s the great thing about EVA foam mats for play areas. They’re the most versatile flooring you can possibly use for your little guy’s play spaces, indoor and out. During the summer months, they provide soft, safe, easily cleaned space so the kids can be in the sunshine but still safe from hard falls. Then, as the weather gets cooler and they spend more time indoors, you can just hose them off outside, maybe take a mop and a little mild detergent to them, let them dry, and then put them down in the family room, bedroom, or basement for continued use.

Having a safe play space indoors is easy with foam mats. How many tumbles result in tears and concerns about injury? Too many! On hardwood, tile, or even linoleum, accidents happen regularly. But give a kid a sippy cup and some animal crackers and the carpet suddenly doesn’t look like a great play area, either. But with some 3/8″ EVA foam mats, your concerns vanish! They’re easily vacuumed or swept, spills are wiped up quickly with no staining, and that plunge to the floor from the couch will be absorbed with not much more than a stunned look.

If you don’t have a play area in the house yet, our super low prices should encourage you to get online and order today. For a relatively small investment, you can install your own interlocking foam mats with finished edges for a clean, safe space the kids can enjoy for years. If they outgrow the space, just order a few more – it’s really that easy. Choose from our solid color tiles or blend in with your own decor with our Forest Floor® wood grain mats. Play areas are easy to create, indoors or out, and we’d be happy to help you decide which mats will be best for you. Give us a call!