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They Can't Resist an Incline Mat!

They Can't Resist an Incline Mat!

Posted by admin on Oct 5th 2015

Experts tell us that kids need to play more and sit still less – and we think a great way to help them do that is to give them fun equipment like incline mats to play on! The possibilities are endless with the right apparatus; an incline mat’s unique shape and constitution invites kids to run, jump, tumble, and get creative with its uses without wearing out instantly like so many toys do. These babies are designed to last!

If your child has never expressed interest in gymnastics before, hang on to your seats, because after a day on the incline mat, they’ll be begging for more! Watch as they explore the uses: standing at the top and somersaulting down, rolling like an unfurling carpet, learning a back handspring, even army-crawling up and down its length. The point is to get them moving and to stay interested in a lifestyle that involves activity. With an incline mat, it’s all but guaranteed!

Our Juvenile Incline Mats are perfect for the little guys. They’re small enough not to be too scary, but sturdy enough to outlast the younger years. For children around 6 years old, the home use incline mats are just right. They’re slightly larger than the Juvenile mats to entice the kids to try some new skills. Now if you happen to have a budding gymnast on your hands who’s already skilled in tumbling and gymnastics, our Competition Incline Mats might just be the ticket to extending their gymnastics training at home. Beware, these mats are seriously large and require a good deal of space, so make sure you’ve got it before you order.

As with all our products, if you’re not sure which to order, give us a call or shoot us an email. We’ve had lots of experience helping parents and grandparents order incline mats and we’re certain we can help you choose the best one for your situation and your child’s needs!