The Trade Show Booth Conversation

Posted by admin on Sep 27th 2017

Your trade show both flooring might not be the most interesting topic of conversation, but if you consider enhancing your booth’s appearance with some EVA foam multi-purpose mats or some elegant and classy wood grain foam mats, it just might become something that has a genuinely positive impact on your business. And that’s worth a conversation.

Impressing on visitors how much you value them is easy at the trade show when you cover your booth’s floor in anti-fatigue EVA foam trade show mats. And when a customer feels valued, they’re more likely to be receptive to that trade show pitch. So if you’ve decided to invest in your trade show experience, forget the cheap giveaways that will likely end up in the trash within a week. Give your visitors something to enjoy, something that will leave a positive impression in their minds about your business. Put something soft and inviting beneath their tired exhibition-hall-hiking feet and watch how receptive they become.

Our best-selling trade show booth flooring mats are made of at least 3/8″ of EVA foam. At the trade show, that’s about the equivalent of a feather bed to tired bodies! Concrete floors take a toll on the body whether you’re standing in one place or walking for even a short amount of time. The aches radiate from your feet all the way up through your back and neck and can certainly diminish your performance at a trade show. But when you install EVA foam flooring under your trade show booth, you’re providing a shock-absorbing surface from which to launch your most energetic pitch. And your visitors, while standing on this oasis of comfort, are going to be a captive audience. Seriously, you might have trouble getting them to leave. It feels so nice!

If you have a color scheme for your business, you may want to complement it with just the right colors from the palette available in our multi-purpose mats. Stick with a single color for a smooth appearance or pick a couple of colors and create an attractive pattern of your choosing. If an upscale look is something you’re trying to achieve, you can’t beat the classic look of hardwood. Our wood grain foam mats come in a variety of grains and kick your trade show booth x-factor up a notch. Both types of mats come in squares with tabbed edges for a quick installation; we know time is a factor at the show, so these will fit right into your setup schedule. They’re easy to maintain, lightweight for transport, and durable for the long haul.

Make the most of your time with trade show customers by keeping them comfortable while they’re in your trade show booth on some attractive, anti-fatigue EVA foam mats. It’s going to be a great conversation.