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The Thin Yoga Mat Problem

Posted by admin on Jul 1st 2015

Woman in yoga pose

You probably noticed your first day in yoga class that there are certain parts of your body that would reallyreallyreally appreciate a thicker mat. No need to mention which parts, but suffice it to say they’re the ones that bear the most weight in the most unnatural positions! We Sell Mats to the rescue of underappreciated body parts everywhere! 

We Sell mats is a proud distributor of Gaiam® yoga mats, unquestionably the most respected name in yoga accessories. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a beginner (or just someone who appreciates a little more padding), we have the mats that are right for you.

If a yoga mat is too thin, poses become difficult and uncomfortable to hold before you’re ready to end them. You shouldn’t be limited by the pain of your ankle bones digging into the floor just beneath your very thin yoga mat. To allow yourself to really get into a session and explore all the possibilities without limitation, treat yourself to a 5mm printed yoga mat. At this thickness, you’ll enjoy a little extra padding without compromising a firm foundation.

Of course, if you’re practicing yoga on a pile carpet, you know that having too much give under your body can also inhibit your yoga practice. Fortunately, with our 3mm and 5mm mats, you won’t run that risk. These are specially designed to be supportive, durable, and provide just enough cushioning that you’re able to last as long as you want in your routine.

Too thin = too uncomfortable. And that’s not a good equation for a lifelong yoga practice. Experts will tell you to find a fitness activity you can do comfortably and that you enjoy. That activity will be the one you stick with your whole life. If your yoga mat is the thin little thing standing between you and a lifelong embrace of yoga, do your body a favor and let us equip you with the best quality yoga mat you can buy!