The Simple Gym

The Simple Gym

Posted by admin on Jul 2nd 2017

You may have read our blog posts about home gyms, complete with EVA foam flooring or even commercial-style recycled rubber flooring mats, but what if you don’t have that kind of space for a workout at home? What if you have, well, just the space at the edge of your bed, or between the couch and tv? Can you do a legitimate workout in that amount of space? Yes, you can, and do you know why? Because we sell mats for just that size space. And we wouldn’t sell something that people don’t need!

Fitness mats, just like EVA foam mats, come in different sizes, because one size does NOT fit all. The fitness mats do have several things in common, like the fact that they fold up for easy storage. And they have handles so that if you need to take the mat somewhere, maybe on vacation, you can tote it easily. They all are made of an easy-to-clean vinyl and are soft but supportive enough for any kind of workout.

When you’re ready to choose your fitness mat, consider your space. Is it going to be able to grow if you want it to? For example, say you just have space right now for a 2’x6′ fitness mat. No problem – we have those! But if that small space you have could become larger, maybe when the play area gate comes down, or you have a garage sale and actually have a garage again, could you have a larger workout area? You could, and your mat will already be set for expansion, because the mats have perimeters of Velcro, so you can attach one to another! Voila! A bigger home gym!

You don’t have to give up on your dream of having a good workout space at home, because we have the perfect fitness mat for you to start with. Hey, a simple gym is still a gym!