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The Right Mat for CrossFit

Don't you love how nouns have become verbs? Kids routinely say things like, "I don't math." You tell your co-workers to "message" you with the details of the weekend party. It's pretty common. So we have a question for you: do you CrossFit?It's everywhere: the stress on cross-disciplines. Job applicants are more interesting if they have experience in complementary roles. Functional and integrative medicine addresses not just the specific symptoms of disease and illness, but many related and contributing factors. Even in the fitness arena, people are realizing that a multi-faceted approach to workouts with cardio and weight training produces better results faster. So CrossFit has become the face of American workout activities.

Our focus, obviously, is what's at the bottom of this whole movement. And of course, it's solid, supportive, shock-absorbing mats! A good CrossFit routine will involve high-impact cardio workouts and strength training with weights. Naturally, a good flooring system will provide support and durability for both activities. And our EVA foam mats do this beautifully. Whether 1/2" foam or commercial rubber, our flooring mats make exercise comfortable while protecting the floor underneath the workout area from weights and other heavy duty impact. Our mats prevent slipping and injury while exercising, which means you can work out longer and safer.

We Sell Mats interlocking foam mats are easily installed, disassembled, transported, and stored, which makes them perfect for a space that sees a wide variety of activities. Since the mats are interlocking and you only have to order as many as your space requires, you can customize your permanent space while having what you need for competitions or activities located elsewhere. The mats are water and chemical resistant, too, so they are easily cleaned after a seriously sweaty CrossFit session.

Our CrossFit mats are perfect for your CrossFit activities. They'll provide you with the right amount of cushioning, support, and durability to last a lifetime. If you're not sure how to order for the space you have, give us a call. We love to help our customers dream and then implement! We'll help you put the perfect design and package together. We'll even send you a free sample of our mats so you're absolutely sure you're getting what you want. You're making the right choice in choosing CrossFit - let us help you make the right choice in mats!


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