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The Only Yoga Gear You Need

The Only Yoga Gear You Need

Posted by admin on Jan 23rd 2016

If you’ve got a yoga mat, you’re well on your way to making your New Year’s resolution stick. If not, we’re here to make sure you get exactly what you want and need. What you don’t need are expensive yoga studio fees, to look like a Ford Agency model in your yoga pants, or to learn Sanskrit. A good yoga mat and a couple accessories to support you are really the whole package.

For those who are truly taking their first step into the Yoga Unknown, we recommend our 5mm yoga mats. These gorgeous, textured mats offer just a little more padding to make someone new to the practice feel that much more comfortable. Our 8mm mats are even thicker, and wick moisture away from your hands and feet if you’re daring enough to want to try a hot yoga class, or if you just sweat a lot. But if padding isn’t as important to you as the ability to feel lots of floor beneath you for balancing poses, our 3mm mats are just the ticket. We’ve curated a selection of Gaiam® yoga mats that represent the most attractive and popular designs so we’re sure you’ll find one to match your tastes.

Now, by “accessories” it’s important to understand we’re talking about yoga blocks and straps, not earrings and purses. Accessories are things that complement something else, and a good yoga block will help support you in new poses as you’re getting used to your practice. Our yoga block is super dense, so it can take as much weight as you need to put on it. It’s texture will help you grip securely and is easy to use whenever you need just a little more help. A yoga strap, however intimidating that may sound, can help you stretch a little further, hold poses a little longer and steadier, and make your practice just that much more challenging.

With the best yoga mat, yoga block, and yoga strap in your arsenal of fitness equipment, you’re just about 20 minutes a day shy of a truly fulfilling yoga practice. Set aside those few minutes and watch how quickly you begin to benefit from the Yoga Mat Life!