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The Only Gymnastics Mats You'll Ever Need

Quite a claim, huh? But when you've had all the positive customer feedback we've had about our gymnastics equipment, it's easy to stake.  We're the only place you ever need to look when you're in the market for a good gymnastics mat!Gymnastics mats should have several characteristics: they should be supportive, they should absorb shock and cushion landings, they should be made of quality materials, last a lifetime, and be easily cleaned and stored. Now take a look at our mats.

Our tumbling mats come in 4'x6' or 4'x8' to suit your circumstances. They fold, are made of durable Crosslink Polyethylene foam, and are covered in an easy to clean 18 oz. vinyl. Simply wipe down with a cloth using nothing more than a little water. With 1 1/2" -2" of padding beneath you, you're sure to have a solid grip on the floor and just the right amount of give to protect your joints (and anything else that might accidentally come in contact with the floor!).

How about our incline mats? Granted, they're a bit of a specialty item, but if you own a gym or gymnastics facility, these are a must-have. Incline mats, or cheese mats ('cause they're kinda shaped like a wedge of cheese...), are the best tool for learning back flips. Like our other mats, these are constructed of the same high-quality materials, can be cared for just the same way, and some can even be folded for storage. Whether you're learning yourself or teaching beginners or advanced gymnasts, incline mats will make your job easier, your practice safer, and your experience more fun.

Our personal fitness mats and cartwheel mats are your best choice for workouts in small spaces or for beginners learning cartwheels and walkovers. The Crosslink Polyethylene and 18 oz. vinyl ensures years of solid performance and ease of maintenance. The mats fold and have carrying handles to make them even more accommodating. And the cartwheel mats are marked to give the budding gymnast visible targets for accuracy.

You simply can't go wrong with any of our gymnastics mats. If you have a question about which mat would best suit your needs, give us a call! The only thing better than our mats is our customer service - we love talking with customers and helping you find the perfect mats for your circumstances. We look forward to hearing from you!

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