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The Most Durable Gym Floor

The Most Durable Gym Floor

Posted by admin on Dec 18th 2015

As the operator of a fitness center or gym, you’ve got costs coming out your ears, so the last thing you want to worry about is a crumbling or damaged gym floor. Weight machines, lots of foot traffic, dropped free weights – they can really take a toll on a floor. Add spilled energy drinks and protein bar crumbs and you’ve got yourself one hot mess. But with our recycled rubber flooring, you can easily afford and install your own gym-rat-proof floor without taking a chunk out of your operating budget or business hours.

Our recycled rubber floor tiles are 28.5 square inches each, so it’s easy to measure your space and order exactly as many tiles as you’ll need. Maybe you don’t plan to do the whole gym, but just some spots under specific machines or dedicated areas that get a lot of high-impact traffic. Just calculate the square footage and order. We promise it’s that easy. If you decide to expand your coverage area, just order more tiles. Since they lock together like puzzle pieces, you can simply add to what you have and keep growing the space!

How do our rubber tiles hold up in a gym setting? Well, judging from our customer reviews, they’re amazing! Gym owners love the fact that the tiles can be installed without a professional, and without the use of toxic and smelly chemical adhesives. It’s important to keep the athletes happy, and you can’t do that with petroleum-based chemical adhesives wafting through the air. And because the mats are shock-absorbing, they can take whatever your clientele can dish out. They stay slip-resistant even when they get wet, whether that’s from sweaty workouts, spilled drinks, or wet shoes on rainy days. And to keep them in top shape, just sweep or vacuum the mats, apply a mop with a little mild detergent, and let the mats dry. They really are that easy!

Athletes are some of our best customers, so we want to help you, the gym owner, help keep them happy and keep your gym in great shape by outfitting your space in top-quality recycled rubber flooring. Give us a call and let us help you get started!