The Meanings of Colors and Choosing an Exercise Mat

The Meanings of Colors and Choosing an Exercise Mat

Posted by We Sell Mats on Apr 8th 2022

Colors are a huge part of our lives. Different colors can impact our emotions and affect our thoughts. They are used across cultures, communities, teams, and holidays to express pride, celebration, and meaning. Many of us have favorite colors, and from the time we are young, we are taught to point out colors and associate them with different aspects of our everyday lives.

Take common holidays, for example. Green and red are the traditional colors of Christmas, blue and white (sometimes silver) for Hanukkah, black and orange for Halloween, and pink and purple for Easter. In traffic, red means STOP! Green means go, and yellow means proceed with caution. In our communities, we show our pride by wearing our school colors. At sporting events, we cover ourselves in the colors that represent our favorite teams.

With all of these interesting color associations, it made us a little bit curious: what other fascinating correlations are hiding behind common colors? We decided to do some digging to find out, and decided: where better to start than with our most popular exercise mat colors?

Let’s dive into some of our most popular exercise mat colors to see what meanings (and emotions) they may evoke.

7 Popular Exercise Mat Colors & Their Meanings


Like many other colors in this list, black is a color that can be associated with various meanings and feelings. While black can signify power, sophistication, mystery, and depth, it’s also commonly associated with death, evil, and sadness. For exercise purposes, let’s focus on black’s ability to evoke feelings of power so you can crush your next workout.


Red is another powerful color most often associated with passion, love, excitement, energy, and strength, not to mention danger and fire. For exercising purposes, we suggest trying to avoid the last two.


Blue is the color of trust and loyalty. It’s also often regarded as a calming, tranquil color that can evoke emotions of peace and confidence. For all of these reasons and more, we highly recommend donning your home, commercial gym, or sensory playroom with blue exercise mats. Your students (and your emotions) will thank you.


While green is a staple color for symbolizing nature, it can also hold positive sentiments like harmony, health, growth, good luck, generosity, youth, relaxation, and balance. No wonder it’s such a popular exercise mat color!


Pink is the color of love, compassion, and playfulness. It can have calming, comforting, and nurturing effects and evoke feelings of positivity, warmth, and kindness. Maybe pink isn’t your go-to color for clothing and accessories, but it sure would make a wonderful addition to any kid’s play or sensory room.


If you need some inspiration, encouragement, or enlightenment, purple is the color for you. Purple is also associated with luxury and royalty, with sayings like “born to the purple,” an idiom for a person being born to a royal or aristocratic family. Why not add a little luxury to your workout space with a purple mat?


Yellow is the color of clarity, joy, confidence, amusement, and enthusiasm. Yellow can elicit feelings of creativity, warmth, and positive mentality, or negative feelings of cowardice and caution. For sensory and playrooms, we highly recommend yellow mats to contribute to the overall feeling of fun and entertainment.

Fill Your Space with Meaningful Hues with We Sell Mats™

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