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The Importance of Classroom Floor Mats

Posted by admin on Jan 12th 2014

If you’re a preschool teacher or home school teacher or just a parent of young children, you probably already understand the value of having foam floor mats in your classroom space. When designing and assembling a classroom, you want to make sure that the flooring is suitable for your young students. When children are at a preschool or Kindergarten age they are still working on skills to help them gain better balance and mobility. For this reason it is almost a necessity to have mats in your classroom, particularly in any area meant for more relaxed play. Choosing the right classroom floor mats can be tricky because there are so many options out there.

When shopping for floor mats for your classroom there are several things you want to consider:

  • The mat needs to be a comfortable place for the children to sit. If you want to have effective learning then you cannot have an uncomfortable seating area to be a distraction.
  • The mat must be easy to clean. A clean classroom is important for many reasons; children are going to be messy, the more time you spend cleaning up messes will give you less time to teach. If you are unable to clean a mat properly then that will allow for more germs to spread to the children. You want mats that are easy to sanitize so you kids can stay healthy all year round.
  • The mat should be easy to assemble and break down. Purchase a mat that is easy to transport so you can use it in different areas of the classroom or put away if you need extra space for something else.

Looking for the best place to buy classroom floor mats? You’re already here! Browse our EVA Foam Floor Mats category and see all the options we have to offer. We also have heavy duty rubber mats and PVC tiles if you are looking for something more permanent. For those of you who want something lighter, smaller and more mobile then check out our colored foam mats. These typically come in packs of 6 interlocking mats so you can use all or some depending on the activity.

Another great flooring option is our brand new line of interlocking carpet mats. This is a foam mat with carpeting on top, and it’s perfect for your classroom at home or at school because it gives the children the protection of the foam matting but also a soft and warm place to sit.

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