The Foundation of a Solid Fitness Program

Posted by admin on Mar 30th 2015

Feet preparing to exercise

Where does a good workout routine begin? It could be with your choice of venue: home or gym. It might be with your trainer (if you choose to have one) and what kind of routine he or she suggests. But really, the routine is going to begin with your feet. No matter the venue, the trainer, the routine, or your current fitness level, your feet are the front line of attack and defense when you begin a fitness program.When you build a house, you first build a solid foundation. You make sure the more elevated parts of the structure have stable support that isn’t going to crumble in a stiff wind. It’s the most important part of the house because if it fails, the whole house fails. The same is true with the foundation of your fitness program. Your feet will tell you within the first workout if they’re equipped to handle what you expect of them. Do you wear flip-flops for your workout? Of course not! You wear shoes that give support to the arch, provide cushioning to the heel, and allow air to circulate. And the same functions are necessary for the surface on which you exercise.

Having a supportive but forgiving surface on which to work out is crucial for your body’s ability to endure the workout and finish strong. Our EVA foam mats provide 3/8″-3/4″ of solid but gentle support for even the most high intensity workouts. These anti-fatigue mats will absorb shock, help you keep your balance, and make your routine more enjoyable.

Truth be told, the one thing giving the real support to your workout is the service you’ll get with our customer service team. Not to brag, but we have the finest in the field! You’re going to love your EVA foam mats, but you’re also going to love the attention and service you experience from our team. Think we’re kidding? Give us a call and let us help you choose the mats that will be best for you. We’re happy to be the foundation of a great purchasing experience and we know you will be thrilled with the solid foundation you find in our mats!