The Best Yoga Strap

Posted by admin on May 25th 2015

Man using yoga strap

There are plenty of reasons to reach for the yoga strap. For beginners, flexibility is a goal, not something you necessarily bring to the table. For experienced yogis, more challenging poses should be achievable, not impossible. And for athletic yoga practitioners, you want to do all you can to maximize your practice. These are just a few reasons to incorporate a strap into your yoga routine.As a newbie to the yoga scene, you might think the perfect expression of the pose is your goal, but in truth, the process of training your mind and body to achieve the pose is just as important. And sometimes you just need a little help. A strap can help you align properly, correct postures, and deepen stretches. You’ll find that as you practice, your range of motion will increase, but with the addition of a strap, that can happen a lot sooner.

Most yoga straps are about 7-9 feet long. Our Gaiam® Yoga MaxStrap tops the charts at 10 feet! Why is more better? For taller yogis and those practicing athletic yoga, a longer strap increases options for more challenging poses and for maximizing extensions. You should be doing the stretching, not your yoga strap, so the MaxStrap is made of 100% cotton. It will stay tight, strong, and last as long as your commitment to fitness.

A good quality yoga strap will give you the support you need to increase flexibility, deepen extensions, and achieve more challenging positions. Maximize your yoga with a Yoga MaxStrap!