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The Best Mat for Body Weight Exercises

Posted by admin on Jan 7th 2015

choose a thicker mat with good support for bodyweight exercises

How’s the New Year’s Resolution coming? Oh. Sorry we mentioned it. Let’s talk about something else. How about the newest trend in fitness?? According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the most popular approach to fitness in 2015 will be an easy one to tackle. So maybe here is where you make a slight addendum to your New Year’s Resolution. Forget about buying expensive weight sets, treadmills, and other specialized equipment. Just drop and give us twenty. That’s right! In with the old, out with the new! Age-old, time-honored, my-gym-teacher-made-me-do-this body weight exercises are taking center stage!

Because of their nature, body weight exercises are accessible to everyone. By using nothing more than your own body, you can challenge your muscles, balance, and flexibility in ways that don’t require the use of machines or free weights. Exercises as simple as pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, planks, leg raises, and squats are just a few that can, when done safely and with intention, make a positive difference in your fitness routine.

Frankly, the only thing you need to have a good body weight workout routine is a solid, supportive, and comfortable floor. Planks on concrete? Not gonna happen. Sit-ups on that lovely Tuscan tile of the kitchen? Nope. Fortunately, what you need underneath you during your body weight workout is nothing more than one of our personal fitness mats. These foldable mats with convenient carrying handles can be stored easily and hauled out for your workout, wiped down, then stored again. No need to even go to the gym! Your workout is accessible to you right in your home! And with almost two inches of Crosslink Polyethylene foam to support and cushion your routine, you’re sure to exercise longer for better results.

If you want to establish a more permanent space in your home for your workout, check out our EVA foam mats. These square mats lock into place with interlocking tabs, which means no professional installation is required – yay! They clean just as easily as our personal fitness mats, and provide non-slip surfaces for all your exercise activities.

We’ve got what you need for that body weight workout – no more excuses!