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Take Down Your Opponent, Not Your Bank Account

Take Down Your Opponent, Not Your Bank Account

Posted by admin on Mar 12th 2018

Accelerating your progress in your martial arts practice can be as simple as making sure you have a practice area at home, complete with studio-quality martial arts mats that are thick, textured, supportive, and affordable. Once you begin practicing between instructional classes, you’ll see your progress kick into overdrive and mastery become just a little more tangible.

Martial arts mats, like the ones at your gym or studio, are your best bet when it comes to a safe practice surface. They absorb shock, an absolute must if you plan to get back up again, and provide superior traction to make sure you stay up as long as possible. Our martial arts mats have a Tatami finish, much like the texture of the rice straw mats of the same name. This ribbed surface actually increases the surface area available to your feet and hands which translates into outstanding security for any type of martial art. If you need extra padding, our 1″ thick mats can’t be beat. These are great if you know you’re going to spend time hitting the ground hard or if kids are going to be using them for practice.

For a more real and present feel of the ground beneath you, our 3/4″ or 1/2″ Tatami finish martial arts mats are excellent choices. Like the 1″ martial arts mats, these can be installed in just minutes to give you instant access at home to your very own martial arts practice space. These thicknesses are best for those who have plenty of experience learning how to fall and recover.

All of our martial arts mats are quickly installed with their puzzle-piece tabs. Each mat connects snugly to the others to provide just as much coverage area as you’ve determined you need. For extra security, we recommend using some carpet tape on the underside of the mats. Finish the edges of your practice space with the included straight edge pieces and you’re ready to go.

At just a few dollars per square foot, you can easily afford to cover your home martial arts practice area in the same top-quality martial arts mats to which you’ve become accustomed at the studio. There’s absolutely no reason not to have the very best flooring at home to speed up your progress and get you that much closer to the next step in your martial arts journey.