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  • A Trade Show Flooring Review

    If you've ever staffed a trade show for your business, you know it can be exhausting. The planning alone can be an overwhelming task, and fielding the curve balls pitched to you at the event itself can have you swinging wildly if you're not prepared. If your booth is designed atop attractive, supportive, and comfortable flooring, well, that's one less thing you have to worry about! Continue reading

  • A Bigger Bang for Your Trade Show Buck

    Your job at the trade show is to make contacts, sell your product, and make a name for yourself in the industry. But - and it's a big but - you have to do it on a budget. Small businesses have much to gain from trade shows, but it can cost big bucks to put together a trade show package that really sells. Fortunately, it doesn't always have to break the bank. We Sell Mats is here to update your booth without draining your resources! Continue reading

  • Improve Your Booth With Foam Mats

    wood grain foam mat

    Everyone who's ever done a trade show knows how hard it can be to pull off an attractive, successful booth. It has to be trendy and eye-catching, but professional and informative. But if we're honest about it, those of us staffing the booth are more interested in it being comfortable to stand on for 12 hours!  Continue reading

  • Trade Show Floors Meet Their Nemesis...Foam Mats!

    You might not suspect it, but feet have many enemies – legs of tables, corners of desks, the cold, half the world is out to get your toes, but there’s only one thing that could genuinely be considered the foot’s nemesis, and that is the floor at that trade show. You know the one. Concrete, maybe some kind of synthetic hardwood, who knows. But it’s hard, and it’s willing to wage a war of attrition on your feet like none other. You’ll be standing for hours. Walking will be a relief because at least then your feet get to take turns not being on the ground. But you have a secret weapon… Continue reading

  • Trade Shows with the Biggest Return

    It can be hard to decide in which trade show you should invest your valuable resources. You have a limited amount of time to give, so you want to make sure you're spending it at the trade show or expo that's going to give you and your business the greatest return. How do you decide?? Continue reading

  • Trade Show Floor Mats: The Key to a Successful Show

    There are few things a business owner looks forward to in their career more than standing for hours on end at a trade show. Or, at least we’re reasonably sure that’s how it works in some universe or another. In this one, however, we’ve got a solution or two to help make the trade show experience just a little less grueling. Continue reading

  • Carpet and Wood Grain Floor Mats

    The applications of EVA foam mats are often quite obvious: gyms, personal fitness, martial arts, gymnastics, and children's play areas. But there are other areas where a slightly different approach may be more aesthetically pleasing, more pragmatic, and even more profitable. Continue reading

  • Commercial Rubber Flooring

    A lot of our advertising and social media is centered around mats and flooring for the home and other small-scale applications, because we like to build relationships in our business, but did you know we sell commercial tiles for larger areas, both indoor and outdoor as well? They’re made from high-quality recycled rubber, and because they’re designed to cover larger areas, there’s no need for expensive glue. This also means you can easily put them down and take them back up if you ever need to move them. Their interlocking, adhesive-free design affords them the best possible mobility and ease of use, but we also offer it in rolls for the biggest applications. Continue reading

  • Foam Mats: The Best for Your Booth

    Whether you're showing off the hottest car, displaying the most elegant bridal dresses, or explaining the newest pharmaceuticals, trade shows will get you and your product seen. But once you're at the show, the rest is up to you. How do you catch the customers' eye? What sets you apart? Continue reading

  • Faux Wood Grain Materials Make Great Flooring

    Faux Wood Grain MaterialsFaux wood grain materials are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to other common flooring products; so popular in fact that our 3/8" Thick Wood Grain EVA Foam Mats are frequently among our best-sellers. If you've never considered using wood grain foam mats in your home or office, let's take a moment to examine a few of the reasons why faux wood grain has become popular.

    Continue reading

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