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Play Rooms for Autistic Children

Play Rooms for Autistic Children

Posted by admin on Jan 2nd 2020

We interviewed, We Sell Mats customer, Kat Mournighan about her mats purchase for a playroom for her 9-year-old autistic son, Sean. The following is a transcript of our conversation with Kat. WSM: Wha … read more
Create a Custom Sensory Room

Create a Custom Sensory Room

Posted by Jessica on Oct 14th 2019

October is National Sensory Awareness Month which rallies caring parents, educators, therapists and caregivers to spread awareness of sensory processing and how it affects children and adults every s … read more

Martial Arts and Special Needs Kids

Posted by admin on Nov 20th 2014

With awareness on the rise regarding special needs kids, it should come as no surprise that many martial arts facilities and pediatric therapy centers are offering classes in the martial arts to child … read more