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  • Common Sense Play Space Flooring

    Have you ever thought about taking the play mats outside? You can do it - our EVA foam play mats are the perfect padding between your little ones and the hard patio surface. Takes just a second to connect them, and when outside time is done, just sweep them off and bring them back indoors. Now that's a versatile play space! Continue reading

  • The Best Play Mats for Kids

    When you're in the market for the best play mats for your little ones, we know exactly what you're looking for. The most important quality for play mats is always safety. You want a surface that will protect your kids (and your floors!) and be non-toxic. Then you want something easy to clean (they're kids...duh), and that you could quite possibly pick up and take along on family vacations and other adventures. Good news: we've got what you're looking for. Continue reading

  • Play Mats for the Multi-Purpose Space

    It can be a little daunting to dedicate a space in your home as the play area for the kids, especially when that area has to double as a bedroom or family room, but with some soft, safe play mats you install yourself in just minutes, that space can either stand out or blend in - the choice is yours. Continue reading

  • Padding and Protection in Play Mats

    EVA foam mats are a great choice when it comes to choosing a surface for your child's play area. Whether you're just creating a little island in a room that has other functions or flooring an entire room wall-to-wall, EVA foam provides comfort, protection, and ease of maintenance. Continue reading

  • Ruling the Play Room

    While the kids are on break from school, it may seem that the play room has expanded like Mordor, but with a few EVA foam play mats, you can reclaim your Shire and keep the toys where they're supposed to be. No Ring required. Continue reading

  • Where Do Your Kids Play?

    Kids will find a way to play absolutely anywhere, whether there are play mats on the ground or not. Under restaurant tables (ew!), between clothing racks at the department store, even in the kitchen cabinets. Your job is to make sure that their regular play space is safe and fun. We can  help. Continue reading

  • EVA Foam Play Mats - Your Best Defense

    No doubt about it, it's a challenge to keep your kids safe while they play, but the addition of a few EVA foam play mats can take the edge off your worries, at least when they play at home. The surface on which the kids play is just as important as the toys you choose for them because regardless of what they're doing, the inevitable mishap is always lurking. Most times, a few tears and a cuddle will take care of it, but there are those occasions when the trauma is a bit scarier. Shock-absorbing, soft, supportive play mats can be that insurance policy every parent wants when their eyes are turned for just a split second - because every parent knows, that's all it takes. Continue reading

  • Warm, Safe, Comfortable Play Spaces

    Keeping the kids safe while they play may seem like an impossible task sometimes, but with EVA foam multi-purpose mats in their play space at home, you you'll have a little more peace of mind that you've done everything you can. We're not saying the mats will prevent every childhood injury, but the shock-absorbing nature of the mats definitely makes little tumbles and falls less threatening. Continue reading

  • Play Mats to Outlast Your Kids

    Play mats from We Sell Mats may be the single thing you use as a parent that actually outlasts your kids - as many as you can have! The kiddos will outgrow clothes and shoes in a matter of weeks, they'll lose interest in the newest toy in about the same amount of time, and they'll even outgrow their bedroom furniture. But the one thing you can count on lasting is the foundation you lay for your kids' play area. Our play mats are a minimum of 3/8" of EVA foam, so they're supportive while being soft and durable. Continue reading

  • Over-programmed Kids? Play Mats Are The Answer!

    With all the summer activities to choose from, it can be easy to over-activity your child, but with some comfortable play mats at home, they'll have that free, let-their-imaginiations-run-wild time kids crave for growth, entertainment, and development.  Continue reading

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