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Since 2012 we've used this space to engage with our valued customers from all walks of life, and how they have made our products a part of their lives. Here you will find creative ways to implement our high-quality mats into your home, school, or business, as well as a reference for properly maintaining your mats. We hope you enjoy reading and learning more about the products at We Sell Mats!

The Best Mat for Body Weight Exercises

Posted by admin on Jan 7th 2015

How’s the New Year’s Resolution coming? Oh. Sorry we mentioned it. Let’s talk about something else. How about the newest trend in fitness?? According to the American College of Spor … read more

The Dance of the Martial Artist

Posted by admin on Jun 18th 2014

Bruce Lee. Jackie Chan. Miss Michigan??? Just last week, Erin Jenkinson, Miss Great Lakes, competed for the Miss Michigan crown and wowed the audience with a most unusual display in the talent competi … read more

Find a Good Home Exercise Routine

Posted by admin on Jun 19th 2013

A good home exercise routine is the ideal workout scenario for a lot of people – no expensive gym membership, no extra time spent driving someplace else, and all the physical benefits that the l … read more

3 Great Home Exercises for Legs

Posted by admin on Jun 15th 2013

Leg exercises are one of the most important parts of any workout regimen, and they’re among the easiest to do at home. Leg exercises often burn more calories than any other type of exercise beca … read more