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Since 2012 we've used this space to engage with our valued customers from all walks of life, and how they have made our products a part of their lives. Here you will find creative ways to implement our high-quality mats into your home, school, or business, as well as a reference for properly maintaining your mats. We hope you enjoy reading and learning more about the products at We Sell Mats!

Get Ripped at Home

Get Ripped at Home

Posted by admin on May 11th 2016

Ever think that a workout space in your own home might just be the ticket to a healthier body and lifestyle? You’re not alone: many former and current gym rats have discovered that having a spac … read more
Tired Gym Floor?

Tired Gym Floor?

Posted by admin on Jan 18th 2016

January is the busiest month for gyms, so if the floor of your fitness center is starting to feel the wear and tear of those New Year’s Resolution memberships, it could be time for our commercia … read more
The Most Durable Gym Floor

The Most Durable Gym Floor

Posted by admin on Dec 18th 2015

As the operator of a fitness center or gym, you’ve got costs coming out your ears, so the last thing you want to worry about is a crumbling or damaged gym floor. Weight machines, lots of foot traffic, … read more

Gym Flooring That Takes a Beating

Posted by admin on Jun 20th 2015

One of the unfortunate costs of keeping a gym functioning is maintaining the floor. Machines, high traffic, dropped free weights and high impact movement can cause all kinds of damage. And these are … read more

The Best Floors for Gyms

Posted by admin on Feb 12th 2015

I’m at the gym the other day, and I noticed the floors. Not for the first time, but I really looked closely during this particular workout. The gym has been open for less than a year, and while … read more

Smarter Fitness

Posted by admin on Jan 19th 2015

We recently posed the question on our Facebook page: Do you burn more calories if you exercise in a cold environment (like about 99% of the United States right now…)? Many people seem to think s … read more