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Since 2012 we've used this space to engage with our valued customers from all walks of life, and how they have made our products a part of their lives. Here you will find creative ways to implement our high-quality mats into your home, school, or business, as well as a reference for properly maintaining your mats. We hope you enjoy reading and learning more about the products at We Sell Mats!

Workout Convenience

Posted by admin on Jan 29th 2018

Convenience is the key to making sure you get your workout done, which is why we offer the best personal exercise mats in different sizes. Having the flexibility to workout at home when the gym isn’t … read more

Home Gyms in Minimal Space

Posted by admin on Oct 9th 2017

When you really want to work out at home, but don’t have a whole room to designate for the purpose, folding exercise mats can be the solution. They give you the padding and support you need while bein … read more

Your Very Own Home Gym

Posted by admin on Sep 25th 2017

It’s a sad truth, but a lot of folks think they can’t afford a home gym because the gym flooring, equipment, and required space would just be too much. We’ve got good news: you can p … read more
Exercise Mats for Physical Therapy

Exercise Mats for Physical Therapy

Posted by admin on Aug 28th 2017

Everyone who has ever had to go to the physical therapist knows how painful, yet necessary PT can be, and doing it at home can be a real challenge – unless you happen to have some soft, supportive, an … read more
Fitness That Only You Can Do

Fitness That Only You Can Do

Posted by admin on Jul 17th 2017

Grab your fitness mats and get ready to do the workout only you can do: body weight training. Well, technically anyone can do it, but no one has your body, with your build, your strengths and weakness … read more