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Since 2012 we've used this space to engage with our valued customers from all walks of life, and how they have made our products a part of their lives. Here you will find creative ways to implement our high-quality mats into your home, school, or business, as well as a reference for properly maintaining your mats. We hope you enjoy reading and learning more about the products at We Sell Mats!

A Business Makeover

Posted by admin on Feb 12th 2018

When you don’t have an extra mil sitting around the bank account but you want to do something to give your business a facelift, installing some Premium Carpet Topped floor mats or some faux wood … read more

Warm Up the Business with EVA Foam

Posted by admin on Jan 2nd 2018

With temperatures in the nose-hair freezing range in much of the country, you might consider some toasty carpet topped mats to warm your business space up a bit. The mats do actually act like a light … read more

EVA Foam Is All Business

Posted by admin on Dec 11th 2017

In a matter of minutes, you can install some EVA foam flooring mats in your business space, whether in retail areas for customers, in office space, or behind check-out counters for the benefit of thos … read more

Premium Carpet-top Mats for Your Business

Posted by admin on Nov 20th 2017

Waiting rooms can be some of the most uncomfortable places to be, but with some Premium Carpet-top EVA foam mats, you can enhance your customers’ experience from the ground up. Maybe your office … read more
Mats Make Happy Employees

Mats Make Happy Employees

Posted by admin on Jun 6th 2016

If you’ve ever worked retail, you know the pain of sore feet, joints, and the backache that accompanies them. As a small business owner, you might not be spending a whole lot of time on the floo … read more
Foam Mats for Business Applications

Foam Mats for Business Applications

Posted by admin on Dec 30th 2015

One of our customers recently reviewed our mats: “I put them in our locker room and the guys love them.” One customer uses them in an airplane hangar for cadets to work out on during rainy … read more