Supergirl's Other Secret - EVA Foam Mats!

Supergirl's Other Secret - EVA Foam Mats!

Posted by admin on Oct 27th 2015

If you’re any kind of a super hero fan, you caught the Warner Bros. pilot last night of Supergirl. Super heroes on the screen have made a comeback, and Supergirl is the best and brightest female superhero to take to television since Lynda Carter lassoed us all with Wonder Woman waaaaay back in 1975. And just like these superheroes, We Sell Mats has a secret identity!

In the early days of Supergirl’s production, We Sell Mats was contacted by the studio about some martial arts mats. A large order was placed, and we’re proud to say that our Tatami martial arts mats are a fixture of the Supergirl set! EVA foam mats distributor by day, martial arts mats supplier to superheroes by night! How cool is that?! It goes without saying that even super heroes need traction and a little padding now and then. Krypton may produce people "of steel" but that doesn’t mean their floors have to be made of the same stuff, right?

Why would a world-renowned production studio look to We Sell Mats for martial arts mats? Well, why would a world in danger of extra-terrestrial threats call on Supergirl to save it? Because when the chips are down, you look to the best. Our martial arts mats are textured for traction and grip, offer three different thicknesses, and can be laid in any configuration you could come up with, like, say a movie studio or your very own basement workout space!

Look at it this way: if the mats are good enough for Supergirl, they’ll absolutely get the job done in your home gym or professional studio. Not sayin’ you’ll discover the ability to fly (except across the mats), or be able to see through buildings, but you’ll have the best, tried-and-true, superhero-approved martial arts mats any mild-mannered assistant could wish for.