Starting the Business Year Off Right

Posted by admin on Jan 8th 2015

Retail worker with sore feet from standing all day.

Everyone has made personal New Year’s Resolutions (and probably regretted a few of them already), but have you ever considered a resolution for your business? Of course you want productivity and revenue up, but what specifically can you do to see that this happens? Making your business stand out from others is a good way to start and we’re here to help. Color schemes, logos, floor layout, even employee attire can attract attention to your business, but we’d like you to consider your floors. When you shop a mall or a big box store, you know that by the end of the adventure your legs and feet are going to be screaming at you. What if your business was the one refuge in the retail and service world where clients and customers felt relaxed and comfortable? The one place they walked into and immediately felt at ease and cared for? Now *that* would be worth something! But you don’t actually have to make a steep investment to achieve this atmosphere for your customers – just throw a few carpet top foam mats down on the floor and you won’t believe the improvement.

Carpet top mats do several things for your business. First, their softly textured surface provides a warm color-coordinated feel to your store or business. Visual appeal is supreme in getting folks into the store or the trade show booth and our richly colored carpet squares are inviting even from a distance. Additionally, carpet top foam mats provide that “ahhhhh” feeling when you stand or walk on them because of the inches of soft, supportive foam comprising them. If you make the retail experience just that much nicer for customers, you’re likely to see an increase in revenue. And finally, if your employees are more comfortable for longer periods during the day, they’re going to be energized and more eager to be of service when the time comes. Happy employees mean better customer service, happier customers, and a happier bottom line.

Can’t go wrong with carpet top mats – choose a size and then a color. We’ll get them shipped to you faster than you can take your shoes off to rub your sore feet!