Simple Safety

Simple Safety

Posted by admin on Aug 19th 2016

Simply put, tumbling mats are the trapeze artist’s net; the car’s air bag; the buddy you go to when you’re down. Tumbling mats are there to protect you and help you get back up again.

Kids will inevitably have bumps and bruises just from being kids, but in order to prevent those little injuries from being major injuries, tumbling mats are the answer. It doesn’t matter what the kid is into – gymnastics, tumbling, wrestling, or just roughhousing – thick, supportive tumbling mats will protect them and give Mom and Dad peace of mind.

Honestly, there’s probably not an activity that kids do that wouldn’t benefit from tumbling mats. Ok, maybe if your kid is into chess, we might have to call that an exception. If you’ve got little children, our 4’x6’ tumbling mat is the way to go. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, but does give enough room for them to do whatever they do on a safe surface. It folds for storage, as do all our tumbling mats, so you or your child can tuck it neatly away when they’re done.

For kids needing a little more room, say a child who is taking gymnastics classes and wants to be able to practice at home, our 4’x8’ mats provide a little more length so more complex moves can be practiced. Wouldn’t you rather have your young gymnast practicing on a tumbling mat at home than on the grass in the yard or on the driveway?

For the more experienced gymnast or martial artist, we recommend the 5’x10′ mats. Choose between the 1 1/2” or the 2” depending on the child’s needs. The extra length and width allows greater freedom of movement for more complex skills and routines. And like the other mats, it too, gets folded and tucked away, so it doesn’t have to become a permanent fixture in your living room!

Planning for the future? Good for you – our mats connect to each other with hook and loop fasteners so when your child grows, so can their mat space. Keeping the kids safe has never been easier. You’re welcome.