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Saved by Tumbling Mats!

Saved by Tumbling Mats!

Posted by admin on Jan 28th 2016

Keeping up with a child whose energy seems to appear out of thin air is a full-time job. And an exhausting one. Where do they get that energy?! What if you had a safe, fun, bouncy place for them to use daily, you know, once you just couldn’t take it anymore? What if a huge package arrived in the mail, just for them, and they unwrapped their very own tumbling mats? You’d be the coolest parent ever!

Tumbling mats are usually used for gymnastics practice. True. But here’s the thing: sometimes, they’re just the most awesome play mats ever! Now if you happen to have kids who are taking tumbling or gymnastics classes, these mats would be a great way to encourage them to practice the skills they learn in class at home whenever they wanted. But even if you just have a child or two who love to wrestle, jump, dance, or launch themselves off the couch, a gymnastics tumbling mat will be their favorite “toy” ever.

Lest you think your home will turn into a gymnasium just because of the presence of some tumbling mats, have no fear. Our mats fold up and are easily stored out of the way when the kids aren’t using them. You can have your family room back again. They’re also really easy to care for since they’re covered in heavy-duty vinyl. Just wipe them down – that’s it. If you happen to have a large space and really want to go all-out, the mats all have hook and loop fasteners so you can connect more than one set to another. And when they finally tucker out from all the rambunctious tumbling and play, the mats are soft enough that a pillow and blanket turn them into great nap mats. You can’t say that about a skate board.

Tumbling mats are a great way to help your little ones practice gymnastics skills at home, but also to encourage active play in a safe environment. Take the plunge and be the hero of your kids’ dreams!