Safe Play Spaces at Daycare

Safe Play Spaces at Daycare

Posted by admin on Jul 31st 2017

We are not too proud to say it: when it comes to a safe play space at the daycare facility, we have the best approach with firm, shock-absorbing EVA foam mats.┬áSupervision is key, but when it comes to those moments when the block-flinging toddler has your attention and the one who’s about to fall off a chair doesn’t, we can provide you with that key to a successful daycare business: a second pair of eyes.

EVA foam mats don’t actually see what’s about to go badly, but they’re prepared, nonetheless. Think of them as part of your zone defense strategy when it comes to safety. You’ve done all the right things: safe toys, safe cleaning products, ample staff for supervision. But there’s always that one possibility that inevitably occurs when you’re otherwise occupied. That’s where the shock-absorbing, supportive, and ever-so-slightly squishy EVA foam play mats step in to do their work. That little distance between the kid’s head and the floor can be disastrous if the floor is cold, hard tile or even commercial carpet over concrete. But when you have a minimum of 3/8″ of EVA foam there to greet that accidentally plummeting body, you can quickly take that breath of relief because it’s likely the foam has absorbed enough of the impact that the little guy gets up and resumes playing (perhaps after a slight admonishment about using chairs as diving boards).

Nothing brings peace of mind to a daycare provider or parents who are looking for the best daycare facility for their kiddos than a soft and safe space to play, one that’s covered in non-toxic, easily cleaned EVA foam. Of course the mats are easily cleaned – they’re made for kids, so they have to be! Just a little sweeping and maybe a mild cleanser in water is all you’ll need to take care of crumbs, dirt, sand, and the occasional spilled juice. No toxic chemicals should ever be needed or used on EVA foam play mats. And that should be a comfort all by itself.

Choose the most colorful or most muted multi-purpose mats for your daycare facility and trust that the kids will be safest and happiest when professional supervision is coupled with the safest possible surface on which to play.