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Rubber Mats for Your Home Gym

Rubber Mats for Your Home Gym

Posted by admin on Apr 20th 2016

Are you the kind of athlete who enjoys a hard-core workout at home in your workout area? It can be hard to find a flooring solution that stands up to your kind of workout: weights, plyometrics, kettlebells, maybe some martial arts. But we have the solution that will keep your body and your apparatus safe and in top form, all the while protecting the flooring underneath.

Take a look at our rubber tile mats. At just a little over 2′ square and 3/8″ thick, our interlocking commercial rubber mats are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. You can install them yourself in just minutes, but they’ll last long past the lifetime of less sturdy exercise flooring. They’re made from recycled rubber, so they’re non-slip (a plus for any workout). Even if they get wet, which is a given during a high-intensity workout, they’ll keep you from slipping and help prevent injuries that could cut short your workout or your whole fitness routine. Just lock them in place (some customers find the application of a little carpet tape to the underside of the mats helpful), and you’re ready to go. Because they’re commercial grade, they can take heavy duty traffic, support the weight of machines or weights, and still provide you with just the right amount of cushioning to protect your joints.

How good are the rubber mats? We have customers who’ve installed them in commercial fitness facilities, locker rooms, and their own homes and rave about them. If they can handle the heavy use of a commercial gym, they can take whatever you can dish out in your home gym. They’re resilient enough that you can even take them up and replace them if the configuration of your home gym should change. And because they’re easily cleaned, you can keep them looking and performing like they’re brand new for years.

Whether your workout involves high-impact moves, deadlifts, treadmills, martial arts, or even meditation, these rubber mats will make sure you achieve your fitness goals in comfort and style. Choose from a variety of colors to make sure your home gym reflects your own personal tastes and it will become a place in which you look forward to spending lots of time.