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The Red Carpet Treatment

Everybody knows what red carpet is, right? It's carpet that's red. Well...more than that, it denotes something special, something important, usually a person. It appears that the first time a special red carpet was ever referenced was in the Greek play, Agememnon, written around 458 BC. King Agememnon comes home from the Trojan war and his wife (who's got a thing going on the side) welcomes him home on a "crimson path." He recognizes such luxury as being reserved for the gods and hesitates to use it himself. But it doesn't matter, because his wife and her lover have conspired to have him killed. Lesson learned: when the wife rolls out the red carpet, RUN!

Seriously, red carpets have represented luxury, royalty, and even the gods for thousands of years. Humans historically placed something between a revered person and the ground as a symbol of honor, worship, or superiority, separating that person from the common earth. Up until the most recent decades, the "red carpet treatment" was reserved for special occasions: visiting heads of state, luxury events and accommodations, and special religious services. But in more recent years, the entertainment and retail industries have decided the crimson path is fair game.

You've seen the pictures of the red carpet fashions at events like the Academy Awards. Red carpets are often part of the publicity in retail establishments, hoping to make the customers feel special. But let's face it: these are just thin carpets tossed down over a concrete surface, masking the true commonality (and hardness) of the floor. Even Agamemnon's wife knew the crimson path was just a distraction. Instead, what if the red carpet itself was truly luxurious?

Carpet top EVA foam mats are actually as luxurious as a red carpet could ever possibly be. No lie. Instead of simply leading from one location to the next, the red carpet could actually be a place someone wanted to spend time! The celebrities might actually linger longer on the red carpet to have their attire evaluated if it meant they could walk on a soft, anti-fatigue surface a litter while longer. Perhaps heads of state would make more thoughtful speeches if they knew the red carpet didn't end at the podium, but extended to the office and home as well!  Think about it:  a better world through EVA foam mats!

Baby steps...before world peace, maybe we just start at home. How about the basement floor? Rather than that concrete pad with a few area rugs, consider wall-to-wall carpet top foam. Easily assembled and cleaned, with a lifetime of give and take. Might even consider it for the playroom - a few tumbles during playtime will always hurt less on a soft, foam surface. Does it have to be red to be really awesome? Of course not - check out our full line of carpet top foam mats and choose the one that makes you feel most like royalty.

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