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Progress Faster on Martial Arts Mats at Home

Posted by admin on Feb 16th 2018

If you love the progress you’re making in your martial arts classes, think how you’ll feel when you have access to practice any time of day or night on your very own martial arts mats at home. You don’t need a lot of space in the house to do your practice, and when you install some Tatami finish martial arts mats in your space, you’ll discover that space is all you’ve been needing to accelerate your progress. 

No martial arts studio is complete without the safe surface martial arts mats offer. It’s no different in your own home. The best martial arts practice combines solid, well-informed instruction and hours of practice. When you’re limited to practicing only at the studio, you’ll advance in your skill set and see improvement, but to really make a difference, you need to practice outside the studio. Having a space at home where you can do this effectively begins with the same foundation you have at the studio: thick, shock-absorbing martial arts mats.

Our Tatami finish martial arts mats are the perfect choice for home use. First – they fit your space perfectly, no matter the area you have to dedicate to the effort. Simply measure your space, whether wall-to-wall or island configuration, order just enough mats to fit that space, then connect them to each other and you’re ready to go. We recommend the use of some sturdy carpet tape on the underside of the mats so that a more aggressive practice doesn’t result in slippage of the mats. The whole process takes just a few minutes, but provides years of dependable practice space.

Second, the martial arts mats have a textured surface that mimics the rice straw mats originally used by martial artists. This Tatami texture allows for more surface area for hands and feet to grab, resulting in more confident forms and a more confident martial artist. Finally, our martial arts mats come in different thicknesses, because no martial arts practice is like another. Choose the thickness that suits your style and goals and rest assured you’ve provided yourself with the very best.

Your martial arts practice can take off when it starts on Tatami finish martial arts mats installed in your own home. Watch your progress accelerate and your results roll in faster when you start practicing at home between classes.