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Preparing for Allergy Season - Indoors

Posted by admin on Feb 10th 2015

There have been a few warm-ish days in the South this past week, and one hopes the trees don’t get the wrong idea. It’s not exactly Spring yet, which means allergy season should be several weeks off at the very least. But even if the buds aren’t popping out yet, there are things you can do to prepare your home to be a haven from outdoor and indoor allergens.It’s impossible to prevent outdoor allergens like pollen from getting indoors. It wafts in the door every time you open it. It travels into the house on the clothes and in the hair of everyone who lives there, and sadly, it loves to get stuck in the pets’ fur. All of these “carriers” deposit the allergens as they move about the house. And where does this stuff like to hide? In anything upholstered, carpeted, or draped; in stuffed toys, pillows, even on ceiling fans, blowing themselves all over the house.

And then there’s your indoor allergens: pet dander, dust mites, cockroaches, and mold. These little buggers like the same cozy habitats as the outdoor allergens and they are ever present, not just seasonally. So what to do?

Hands down, the best way to remove the allergens is to eliminate places for them to hide. That lovely, thick pile carpet in the family room and bedrooms? The area rug in the playroom? Vacuuming incessantly will cut down on the problem, but it won’t get at things like dust mites that live out of reach of the vacuum.

Replacing the carpets with a similarly soft, comfortable floor is a snap with easily installed, attractive, and low-cost foam mats. In the kids’ rooms, you might consider our colorful EVA foam mats with some ABCs and 123’s thrown in.  For the family room, our warm and earthy wood grain foam mats do the trick nicely. No matter which style you choose, they are quickly and simply installed. No professional installation is required – just place the mats together with their interlocking tabs and you’re done! Clean them with just a little water and they’ll stay attractive and durable for the life of your room.

Eliminate allergens in your home by installing some of our top-of-the-line EVA foam mats and breathe easy!