Prepare for the Onslaught...of Toys

Prepare for the Onslaught...of Toys

Posted by admin on Dec 9th 2016

Is your kids’ play area ready for the deluge of Grandma’s generosity? Storage? Check. Organization? Maybe. Flooring? Flooring? What does flooring have to do with a play room? In a word, everything.

Flooring mats can make the difference between containment and national disaster-type debris everywhere. EVA foam mats placed in a strategic location away from heavy floor traffic areas can help keep toys where they belong. Cheerfully patterned colors can delineate the space very obviously, and will create a space kids actually enjoy being. The mats are soft, so soft Grandma can sit down and play with the kids and all their new toys, and much more easily cleaned than carpet. If you’ve ever tried to pry a half-eaten candy cane out of carpet, you know what we’re talking about. New trucks and plastic building blocks can permanently scratch wood floors, but EVA foam is a resilient alternative that can protect your current floors.

If you have an entire room dedicated as a playroom, EVA foam mats fit perfectly when they’re installed wall-to-wall. Installation takes only minutes. You can watch the installation video on our website to see how simple it is. If you have a limited space, not wall-to-wall, for an island configuration, no problem. The mats interlock tightly and come with straight edge pieces to give the area a finished look. You can choose a single color for your play area, or a couple colors to create fun patterns. Maybe even let the kiddos help you choose the colors and even install the mats. You might actually want to consider buying some extra mats for play. Kids can build forts, tunnels, and entire cities using the interlocking mats.

Not only will your new EVA foam play area mats protect your floors, identify the play space, make clean-up easier, and become toys for the imagination, they won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Holiday specials are running right now, and if you order in time, we can have them to you before Christmas. Consider it disaster mitigation. You won’t be disappointed with your new EVA foam floor mats – in fact, you might like them so much that you consider putting them in other areas of the house, too. Fair warning.