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Premium Carpet-top Mats for Your Business

Posted by admin on Nov 20th 2017

Waiting rooms can be some of the most uncomfortable places to be, but with some Premium Carpet-top EVA foam mats, you can enhance your customers’ experience from the ground up. Maybe your office area is in need of a little TLC – warm it up and keep that professional look with the same richly colored EVA foam mats. Giving the business a quick and gorgeous makeover has never been simpler or more cost-effective.

Premium Carpet-top mats cost a fraction of what professionally installed commercial carpet does and its much more easily maintained. Our Premium Capet-top mats are made like all our other mats with interlocking puzzle-like tabs that fit snugly together for a seamless appearance. In just minutes, you can have your area covered with shock-absorbing, anti-fatigue flooring that will last for years and continue to look like new. Because the carpet top is applied to 3/8″ of EVA foam, your floor will feel like it has a nice thick pad underneath it, welcoming foot traffic onto an oasis of comfort. Customers will definitely notice the difference and feel more welcomed and appreciated. In your office area, the resilience of the mats will mean less cost for installation and replacement. If a tile ever becomes damaged, you can simply replace that single tile, rather than the entire floor like you’d have to do with a roll of commercial carpet.

Because our Premium Carpet-top mats connect the way they do, you can pull up any tile or tiles that become wet, let them dry, and replace them. Spills don’t have to mean a permanent stain anymore! Think of the cups of coffee that find their way to your floors. Now you can clean up the spill, maybe even wash it gently with some water and mild detergent, let the affected tile dry, and replace it. Keep a couple of spare tiles handy for even faster replacement. When it’s time to sweep, you can use your vacuum on the Premium Carpet-top mats the same as you would for any carpet. These mats are some of the most low-maintenance flooring solutions you’ll ever have for your business.

Your business, your customers, and your employees all deserve a comfortable environment in which to function, and Premium Carpet-top mats will do the job for pennies on the dollar compared to professionally installed carpet. Choose from a rich palette of colors, set aside a short time to install the mats, and you’ll very quickly discover how much your business will benefit from Premium Carpet-top EVA foam mats.