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Playroom Decorating Ideas

Posted by admin on Jan 14th 2014

When decorating your kid’s playroom the possibilities are endless, but based on our experience from seeing lots of customer photos of their own foam-mat-equipped playrooms, we’d suggest keeping the decoration slightly neutral. Since you may have boys and girls and kids interests are always changing as they grow up you won’t want to decorate with anything specific in case it is something they may grow out of or disagree on next week, next month, or next year.

This is obviously an INCREDIBLE play room, but it clearly took an incredible amount of effort too. We all dream of having this kind of play room for our kids, but how quickly will they outgrow it and stop appreciating it? Hard to say.
Credit: Midcentury Kids by Grand Rapids Interior Designers & Decorators Mindi Freng Designs

There are lots of ways to decorate your playroom and keep everyone satisfied. Beginning with the walls, a nice paint color will make the playroom more appealing. A fun and bright green, blue or yellow will give the room positive energy for the kids. You will want to refrain from hanging any decorations on the walls. With the kids’ tendency to get wild and throw balls and toys, the chances of your frames getting knocked off the walls are very high. A simple solution to this is to use wall decals instead, which are just giant stickers you can place anywhere on your wall. This will add some extra decoration that is playroom approved. If you have more than one kid who prefers to play separately, you can use screens or curtains to create sections in the playroom so they won’t bother each other and can play with their friends without disturbances. You can also go a step further and paint one side the boys color and the other the girls color.

Now THIS is classy, right? A lovely contemporary home, plenty of storage, and the age-appropriate elements will be easy to swap out over time without dramatically changing the space. We like.
Credit: Contemporary Kids by Seattle Architects & Designers Chris Pardo Design – Elemental Architecture

In our opinion, the most important playroom decorating idea (apart from great Foam Mats, of course!) is to have lots of shelves for lots of storage. As the years go on the toy collection gets larger so you’ll want to have an easy way to organize it all and keep things from looking cluttered. I suggest getting shelves with baskets for you to organize all of the toys in. This will make the room look cleaner if the toys can be put away neatly and out of sight. This is always an easy way for your kids to clean up after themselves. This way the playroom can remain organized and still look great! Remember to screw the shelves to the wall so they won’t tip over. Now that you have lots of ideas for decorating your playroom, it won’t hurt to get your kids involved to see what they would like as well. Just remember to keep it bright, simple and safe!

This one is a little over-wrought for our tastes, but you’ve got to love all that storage. One thing to keep in mind: Tall shelves can be a hazard if your kid is a climber, so use your own best judgment when setting up your storage.
Credit: Contemporary Kids