Play Room Disasters and Recoveries

Play Room Disasters and Recoveries

Posted by admin on Oct 30th 2015

Play areas in your home can start to look like they need FEMA’s attention about five minutes after your kids have been in them, but if they’re covered in our best-selling EVA foam mats, the clean-up will be easier and won’t require the Army Corps of Engineers to get functional again.

Even with a designated play room in your home, toys and play spaces have a way of expanding beyond their borders. That’s because kids are adventurers, explorers; they learn by experiencing everything around them in creative ways. It can get messy, even dangerous, if the right preparations aren’t made. Supplying the little Lewis and Clark with a safe, supportive, and easily maintained floor in the playroom is one step toward helping them grow and develop in the welcoming environment of their own home.

Our EVA foam mats come in all different colors, textures and thicknesses so you can choose what works best for your child’s age, needs, and even the existing decor of your own home. Mix and match colors for a fun look, choose carpet top mats to add warmth and softness, or go full-decorator with our elegant wood grain mats. They’re all going to provide the same protection for your floors while padding the little bums and heads that will inevitably crash into them periodically.

Want to offer an even more padded play space? Take a look at our tumbling mats. These fold up into easily transportable and stored sizes, but offer lots of square feet of super-padded squishiness for all your acrobat’s flying leaps. With 1 1/2” or 2” of Crosslink Polyethylene Foam at its heart, the tumbling mat can take anything the afternoon safari can dish out. And when the hunting party has expanded to include a neighbor kid or two overnight, our tumbling mats magically transform into comfy, inviting sleeping spaces.

Play areas should be made to help our kids blossom into inquisitive, energetic, and imaginative creatures who love an active lifestyle. Help them on their way with foam mats for their next adventure.