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Play Mats to Outlast Your Kids

Posted by admin on Sep 7th 2017

Play mats from We Sell Mats may be the single thing you use as a parent that actually outlasts your kids – as many as you can have! The kiddos will outgrow clothes and shoes in a matter of weeks, they’ll lose interest in the newest toy in about the same amount of time, and they’ll even outgrow their bedroom furniture. But the one thing you can count on lasting is the foundation you lay for your kids’ play area. Our play mats are a minimum of 3/8″ of EVA foam, so they’re supportive while being soft and durable.

If you’re looking to protect your floors as well as your children, play mats are definitely the way to go. It’s no fun playing on the cold, hard ceramic tile (too many bumps and bruises), and that gorgeous hardwood flooring you just invested in will likely be covered in crayon, rubber tire skid marks, and who knows what else in a matter of minutes unless it’s protected by something that was made to take the rigors of childhood. EVA foam mats are water-resistant (say goodbye to juice stains), easily cleaned with a broom and maybe a damp cloth, and can even be made to look like that nice hardwood flooring if you choose a wood grain EVA foam mat for the play area.

As your child grows, so will her need for a larger play space, so our multi-purpose play mats, just like all our mats, have puzzle-piece tabs on all four sides to make it simple to enlarge or reconfigure your play area. And we’ve made it even easier: you can buy the tiles as singles so you get just the right amount for your expansion needs. Although, truth be told, it’s nice to have a couple extra mats around in case one gets damaged. And therein lies the beauty of the tabbed edges: pop out the damaged tile and insert the new one. Done. All the mats come with straight edge pieces so you can give your space a smooth, finished look, even in an island configuration.

Whether you start out with our ABC/123 play mats, the solid-colored multi-purpose mats (try mixing colors for fun patterns your kids can actually play with), or the decor-matching wood grain mats, your kids will be protected, your floors will be protected, your wallet won’t shrink to the size of a coin purse, and you won’t have to worry about the durable mats needing to be replaced constantly to keep up with your kids’ growing demands. Play mats are about the best investment you can make for your growing family, and we’re glad to help you do it. We have some of the best customer service people you’ll ever encounter, so if you have questions about the mats, just give us a shout. You’ll come away with some great play mats and confidence in a business that goes out of its way to help you make your home the safest, most fun place possible for your kids to grow up.