Play Mats Make Parenting Easier

Play Mats Make Parenting Easier

Posted by admin on Jun 10th 2017

Did you know that you can tell what kind of parent someone is by looking at their kids’ playroom floor? It’s true! If the toys are neatly put away in color-coordinated bins labeled in words and pictures, that’s one kind of parent. If you can’t even see the floor of the kids’ playroom, well, that’s another kind altogether. The great news is that regardless of your parenting style, some soft, sturdy, affordable EVA foam mats in a playroom will make your job a little easier.

Just a few brightly colored and cool shaped EVA foam mats will help tell your kids, “This is the play area.” Ok, you might have to work a little harder than that to keep the toys contained, but it’s a start. When your play mats arrive, let the kids help you unpack them and then get to the fun part of installing them. The mats are shaped like puzzle pieces; the tabs allow them to be snapped together snugly and make it that much easier if you ever have to move them. The kids will have a blast installing their puzzle floor and you’ll like the idea that they’ve bought in to your idea of a designated play space.

Now, if you are the first kind of parent mentioned above, you’re going to love the EVA foam play mats because they’re a cinch to keep clean. You can sweep them off or use a suction-only vacuum, and then wipe them down with a little water and maybe some mild detergent. They’ll air-dry quickly and be ready for the next round. Of course if you’re the second kind of parent mentioned above, you’ll love the play mats for a different reason: when you or your kids trip over the mountain of toys, your landing will be much softer! Seriously, having a padded play area will actually help prevent those little injuries from becoming big ones.

You do your best by your kids every day, so why not take a little breather with some soft, durable EVA foam play mats in the playroom? No matter what kind of parenting approach you take, play mats can help you provide a safer, more exciting play space for your kids.