Play Mats for the Multi-Purpose Space

Posted by admin on Feb 8th 2018

It can be a little daunting to dedicate a space in your home as the play area for the kids, especially when that area has to double as a bedroom or family room, but with some soft, safe play mats you install yourself in just minutes, that space can either stand out or blend in – the choice is yours.

Colorful, inviting play mats can be a great addition to the play space for a couple of reasons. They clearly delineate the play area. With a brightly colored pattern of solid colors or even just a single color, the play area is visibly defined and kids know what that space is for. When you incorporate some ABC/123 play mats into the mix, the floor becomes an educational tool as well. Without even realizing it, kids can learn about letters, numbers, shapes, and colors.

If the play space is a shared space, the use of wood grain mats as the foundation can help the area stay looking more like the shared space and less like a playroom. Although the toys are a dead giveaway. Anyway, when you want the space to stay looking like grown-ups are welcome to use it, using some attractive faux wood grain mats can give the kids some padding on which to play (and play safely) while giving the room a bit more of a classy feel.

Whether you choose colorful ABC/123 mats, solid color multi-purpose mats, or the elegant wood grain EVA foam mats, your kids’ play area will be a safer place in which to play. The EVA foam that comprises all the mats is soft enough to take the edge off a little fall, but supportive enough to help kids keep their balance. And all the mats will go the distance when it comes to protecting the floors beneath them. Dress-up shoes and toy truck tires can take a toll on playroom flooring, but your floors are safe when they’re covered in EVA foam.

When the toys take over and you’re resigned to sharing the family room with building blocks, toy vehicles, and a library’s worth of cardboard books, surrender gracefully onto your new EVA foam play mats. And while you’re there, maybe play with the kiddos for a few minutes.