Play Areas That Grow With Your Kids

Posted by admin on Aug 11th 2015

girl playing on floor in nursery

As your kids grow and change, their play areas should evolve right along with them. Keeping a designated play space in the home can help give them a sense of their own space as well as keeping the toy ambush in check. Some top-quality EVA foam mats can help you accomplish this affordably and easily.

With colorful 3/8″ or 1/2″ EVA foam mats, any area in your home can become a play area. If you only have a few square feet to dedicate to the purpose, one pack will provide you with 24 square feet of soft, supportive surfacing. If you have an entire room you’d like to convert to a play room, we can help you determine how many mats to purchase. All the mats come with edge pieces to give the space a straight, finished look. And they’re so easy to install, it will take only minutes, depending on the size of your space. Once they’re in place and the kids are playing on them, a simple sweep with a broom and maybe an occasional mop with some water and mild detergent will keep them in shape for years.

Which mats should you choose for the play area? If you child is on the younger end of the spectrum, our ABC floor mats might be very appealing. They’re colorful and engaging while still supportive and cushioning. But when the little ones outgrow the ABC mats (“Dad, I’m not a baby anymore”), it’s simple to expand the space with some colorful solids. And if the size of the space should continue to grow over time, you can even order additional tiles individually to accommodate the change. Now that’s a mat that grows with you!

For the sophisticated play space (family room, den, finished basement), you may want to consider some of our Forest Floors™ in beautiful wood grain finishes. Choose from Classic Oak, White Oak, Bamboo, Cork, and Mahogany to give warmth, comfort and class to your grown-up play spaces. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook for an extra 5% off any order and to get notifications of special sales!