Our Thickest Yoga Mat

Posted by admin on May 20th 2015

Sol Premium Yoga Mat

It’s true, you can’t go wrong with any of our Gaiam® yoga mats, but if you want a mat that offers the absolute maximum in cushioning and grip, then the Sol Premium Dry-Grip 8 mm yoga mat is the one for you.The standard yoga mats are 3mm and offer enough padding to make most yoga poses comfortable. We do offer a middle ground in the 5mm mat, but for superior cushioning and extra grip, the 8mm is the way to go. The structured core of the mat is designed to support and pad without bunching or stretching, making the life of this particular mat even longer than most. With over twice the standard padding beneath you, you’ll be challenged to take on some more challenging poses, knowing the mat has your back (so to speak).

The Sol Premium Dry-Grip 8mm yoga mat is also one of the high-tack mats we offer. If you’re into hot yoga or if you just sweat a lot during yoga, you should consider a high-tack mat. While most mats have some texture to reduce slipping, they also create friction between you and your mat. The problem is that once your mat is wet, friction is all but eliminated. A high-tack mat provides stickiness to keep your hands, feet, and everything else in place. You don’t want to worry about slipping when you’re trying to hold a pose – get a mat that takes at least that much off your mind.

Just like all our other Gaiam mats, the Sol Premium Dry-Grip yoga mat is latex-free and manufactured without the six most dangerous phthalates. You can focus on taking care of your body knowing that your yoga mat has already taken the first step for you! Your body and your planet are in good hands with Gaiam and We Sell Mats!