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Online Workouts - A Good Choice?

Getting to a gym to join a group fitness class or activity is not always an option, what with work schedules, travel, kids, and the lack of gyms in many areas. Group fitness classes are the best when it comes to motivation, accountability, and fun, so if you can't get to a gym, does it mean you're out of luck? Thankfully, in this digital age, the answer is a resounding NO! Streaming online workouts are all over the web, so it's just a matter of finding one that offers what you need and want. Classes range in cost from free to upwards of $50/month, depending on the "extras" that might accompany a purchase. You can opt for a low-cost class that gives you access to live classes and archives of classes, or you can go all-in and get several different streaming classes, archives, meal plans, recipes, and even fitness-oriented vacation ideas.

What's your passion? Cardio? Toning? Yoga? Dance? There's a streaming workout for everyone! Step up to the barre (the back of the couch? the kitchen counter?) and dance your way through a ballet workout complete with stretching, toning, cardio, and Pilates. Or maybe you dance at a quicker pace - how about a fusion workout with yoga, Latin American and Caribbean dance, and some high-powered plyometrics? It's out there!

Just a click will get you started with a tailored streaming video workout. But before you hit the keyboard, make sure your workout space is ready for you. Don't settle for the kitchen tile or the living room carpet: make sure your workout surface is just as supportive, non-slip, and cushioning as the best gym floor would be. And where do you find such an unbelievably perfect floor? We Sell Mats, of course! Our fitness mats come in all shapes and sizes to provide you with exactly what you need for a good workout. If you want to outfit a good sized space, consider our interlocking EVA foam mats. If you just need a good workout mat, we've got that covered, too. Our personal workout mats come in three colors and fold in half for easy storage and carrying.

We Sell Mats has the mats you need, whether for a fully-outfitted home gym or just a workout space for a streaming online group fitness class. Find the class that suits you and then let We Sell Mats ship you the mats to make your workout experience the most comfortable it can be!

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