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No Place Like Home for a Workout

Posted by admin on Nov 27th 2017

When you can’t afford the time or expense of going to a gym, exercising at home on your own personal exercise mat is an excellent option. In fact, it has some advantages over the gym you might not even consider. Folding exercise mats are affordable, resilient, adaptable, and are there for you whenever the mood strikes. 

Having immediate access to a workout is a snap when you unfold your exercise mat at home. Yes, the mats fold up for compact and easy storage, so they don’t necessarily have to become a permanent fixture in whatever space you use them. If you’re a morning person, having the exercise mat tucked under your bed is an easy way to roll out of bed and into a great workout without leaving the house. Maybe you’re one of those folks who really likes the midnight workout – no problem. Pull out the mat, do your thing, then settle in for a good night’s sleep. Or maybe your difficulty with classes at a gym is that your schedule is entirely unpredictable. The folding exercise mat doesn’t care when you use it; it’s ready when you are, wherever you choose to use it.

Our folding exercise mats can handle just about any workout you choose to do on them, too. If you just need a little space for some crunches, the 2’x6′ folding exercise mat might be all you need. If you’ve got bigger plans, the mats also come in 4’x6′, 4’x8′, and 4’x10′ sizes so you can have the one that suits your workout perfectly. Pilates, yoga, bodyweight programs, even P90X workouts are all more comfortable and easy to manage on the folding exercise mats. Their supportive core helps you keep your balance while providing just enough padding to keep you comfortable. This means your workout will likely last longer because your body won’t be aching from the discomfort of a hard surface. And a longer workout means a happier you.

If a gym isn’t your thing, grab a folding exercise mat and make working out at home part of your active and healthy lifestyle.